Jerzy Mączyński aka Pelican System
Polish multi-instrumentalist composer/producer.

In the early years starting from the free jazz and after a few years of creative development, he smoothly shifted to an electronic music, combining varied approaches to music in his compositions.

In 2021 he released an LP with an electronic music – Jerry&ThePelicanSystem SARIANI in the Dutch label Yeyeh curated by Pieter Jansen. The album SARIANI, which title refers to a fictional character fighting for women’s rights in India, consists of six compositions transposing Mączyński’s Indian experiences with the use of electronic tools. Since its release, Jerzy presents his music mainly as a solo performer, using saxophone- sopranino or tenor- as the tools to produce the sounds of an entire orchestra, which he named „PelicanSystem orchestra”.

In 2019 he released his debut album in a quintet / sextet in the prestigious jazz series in Poland – Polish Jazz. The first album consists of experimental jazz compositions with many references to significant polish jazz creators- i.e. Komeda or Stanko- combined with the idea of joining elements from different musical styles into a true mosaic.
“Jerry&ThePelicanSystem Virtual Tour” project, implemented in 2020, aimed to go further with the concept by combining musicians with different backgrounds and creating compositions for them – it was a virtual tour where 7 episodes was released on Vimeo and YouTube. Whole was recorded in an abandoned swimming pool were Jerzy invited to cooperate over 30 artists from around the world.

Numerous audiovisual and theater projects develop his music by introducing new instruments and recordings mostly done from expanding library of sounds recorded in his artistic space SAUNA – that is, in an abandoned Soviet pool.

In his career, Mączyński has presented his music on many national and international stages, including: London Jazz Festival, South Explorer Rotterdam, OFF Festival, Soundrive Festival, Jazz Jantar, NCPA Mumbai Experimental Stage and many others.