Jerzy Mączyński

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Jerry & ThePelicanSystem is a project of Jerzy Mączyński. It is attended by musicians from different backgrounds, playing on a daily basis in different formations. The main assumption of the band is to create their own music based on the leader’s multi-colored compositions. The selection of musicians allows to break patterns, create new forms and innovative solutions. The enigmatic name allows the recipient to feel the climate of absurdity, which is an inherent element of the project.



Jerzy Mączyński Jerry&ThePelicanSystem VIRTUAL TOUR

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Jerry & ThePelicanSystem is the original project of saxophonist and composer Jerzy Mączyński.
In May 2019, an album was released in the prestigious Polish Jazz Series (Warner Music Poland / Polskie Nagrania).

Jerry&ThePelicanSystem VIRTUAL TOUR is a continuation of the idea of ​​creating new compositions for various musicians from around the world, as well as searching and experimenting with form and various bands.