Jerzy Mączyński’s album debut with Jerry & The Pelican System in the Polish Jazz series!

The “Pelican” project from the very beginning involved searching among musicians of the young generation. The band was created by: drummer Wiktoria Jakubowska, trumpeter Marcin Elszkowski, pianist Marcel Baliński, double bassist Franciszek Pospieszalski and, of course, saxophonist Jerzy Mączyński. Indian violinist Apoorva Krishna joined the band as a guest.

Although the musician leading Jerry & The Pelican System is rather inspired by the freedom and majesty of these birds, the adventurous nature of pelicans is also reflected in the work of the quintet. Their risk is nothing more than expressing their voice, the voice of a new generation that is not afraid to redefine the notion of jazz. And they probably don’t even think about it, because Jerzy Mączyński simply creates his music.

The word “pelican” must be treated here as an adjective. So the pelican system of Mączyński’s music means absurdity, changeability, illustrativeness. Each of the instrumentalists comes from a different environment, but they managed to create a common system of combining their visions and skills, which in effect means multicolor, inter-genre, sometimes unreal and ruleless work system. Jerry’s music is cross-genre to the core of his shimmering saxophone. His jazz-not-jazz is rebellion (…) He’s not the opposite of jazz, but his colorful, funny, younger pal. It is the voice of a new generation of educated artists who stand up for themselves and are not afraid to do so.